Our Mission:

At Dynamic Closings, our mission is to help every real estate agent we work with substantially grow their business. We do this by bringing more deals to a successful close and by seizing every opportunity to speak positively about our agents to their customers and all vendors. We help our agents develop lifelong customers and increase their future referrals.

Did you know?
On average, the documenting process for a single real estate transaction takes 19-23 hours. Let Dynamic Closings take over the mundane administrative process of your business, leaving you with more time to focus on lead generating, marketing, and networking.

Watch your business grow!


At Dynamic Closings, we specialize in making every transaction for our real estate agents and their clients as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Some of the services we offer are:

File Set Up: 

Review contract and addenda including verifying that there are no missing signatures, initials, or addenda. Calculate all contract deadline dates. Gather any missing contact information for involved parties (HOA Contact, Lender Contact, Title Company Contact)

Throughout The Transaction:

Dynamic Closings will walk with you through every step of the transaction.

We will:

  • Monitor all contract deadlines and make sure all are met

  • Assist with HOA

    • Coordinate delivery of governing documents​

    • Assist buyer to submit application​​​​

    • Coordinate scheduling of buyer's interview

    • Ensure all parties have a copy of the certificate of approval (if needed)

  • Coordinate scheduling of home inspection and appraisal

  • Prepare any necessary addenda, obtain e-signatures and deliver to all parties

  • Coordinate any needed repairs

  • Continual contact with all involved parties (your customers, the lenders, the title companies) throughout the entire process. We are here to help answer any questions and concerns, and are always willing to help resolve any issue that may arise 

Back End:

In addition to taking care of your clients, we help our agents:

  • Confirm you have all documents required by your broker

  • Submit your transaction file for compliance review

  • Complete commission worksheet (if applicable)

  • Obtain disbursement authorization and send to title company to get you paid at the closing table


At closing, Dynamic Closings will:

  • Review settlement statement/closing disclosure

  • Buyers side: confirm final cash to close amount and wire instructions have been received by buyer, confirm that buyer made the final transfer of funds

  • Coordinate final walk through, closing time and location, delivery of keys


After your clients are happily on their way, we keep working to make sure every detail is covered:

  • Upload copies of completed final walk through checklist, executed closing statement, and copies of commission checks to your transaction file

  • Send "Congratulatory email" to your client (email will include Zillow review link and any other review link that you provide us with)

  • Listing side: send you a reminder to retrieve signs and lockbox